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We Want Kids to Have a Blast!

We believe well-designed games are a great way to teach academic and life skills.

We want to give kids an awesome after-school experience. We use games to help kids develop skills like critical thinking, writing and discussion because well-designed games get kids highly engaged! 

Gameplay promotes curiosity, risk-taking and active problem-solving — it requires kids to make decisions with consequences and interact with others to overcome numerous  challenges. We take these opportunities to facilitate class discussions, encourage belonging and help kids express themselves while they think and overcome obstacles in a low-pressure environment.

We are excited to have our article featured in the recent issue of BC Parent!

Still Curious about Gameful Learning?

See examples of how we can choose games to help kids learn specific skills:
Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 11.09.17 AM
Table 1. Taxonomy: type of knowledge, instructional strategies, and game elements. From The Gamification of Learning and Instruction (click to enlarge)
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